Ballpark's 'Kids Zone' Gets CUBacking

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FORT WORTH, Texas - (08/27/04) -- When the Ft. Worth Cats open their2005 minor league baseball season at LaGrave Field here, thechildren's playground will be known as the EECU Kids' Zone. Thecredit union has bought naming rights to the playground for atleast the next three years. The deal includes signage facing thefield and a special EECU Pack the Park Night. "One of the mostexciting opportunities for us is that a child will be recognizedeach game as the EECU Most Valuable Kid," said Jan Smith, Directorof Public Relations. "The child chosen will be able to go out ontothe field, receive a baseball and get to make a trip to the dugoutto get their favorite player to sign their baseball." EECU willgive away 1,000 tickets during EECU's Pack the Park Night and willinvite children that might not otherwise have an opportunity toattend a baseball game.

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