Brand Effort's Aim To Boost Growth

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The $350-million United Heritage CU is making some branding changes to make itself more appealing to members and prospects.

Jenny Laudadio, marketing director at the 58,000-member credit union, said that the changes are part of efforts to increase membership between 8% and 10% in the next few years.

The image changes and a marketing campaign that includes newspaper, radio and billboard advertising featuring five branch locations, follows focus group studies done with the help of an advertising agency.

The credit union, founded in 1957 to serve a military base, is now geared toward serving anybody that lives in five counties around Austin and two other counties in East Texas. The changes aim to project "the image of a more established, friendlier," credit union, she said. The new logo, which shows an eagle within a circle, aims to look both "soft and comforting," she said.

The new logo is featured on literature that includes brochures in Spanish.

In addition to brochures and media ads, the CU is also making an effort to increase its presence in the community by contributing to charities and taking part in community projects involving golf tournaments and education-related recognition programs.

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