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MECHANICSBURG, Penn.-AmeriChoice FCU has launched a "My AmeriChoice Story" campaign featuring videotaped stories from members about how the credit union has helped them reach financial goals.

For the last decade, the $160-million credit union's tagline has been "building relationships for life," and VP-Marketing Carol Fastrich believes the campaign "falls right into that brand."

To kick-start the effort, staffers simply asked a few members to tell their stories on camera, finding many quite eager to do so.

"We really felt that once we got the ball rolling that a lot of our members would be willing to share their stories if we had a dozen or so stories from all different seasons that people could relate to them and then others would be willing to share for themselves," explained Community Relations Manager MaryAnne Nguyen.

The "Seasons of Life" at the campaign's mini-site are as diverse as the membership; some members looked to AmeriChoice for help with auto lending or home buying, while others sought assistance with building a businesses or funding their children's education. The site also highlights how the 15,000-member strong institution is a leading player in the south central Pennsylvania community.

AmeriChoice is utilizing its Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts to highlight testimonials and encourage others to share their experiences, and plans to track traffic at those sites and the official mini-site sites to measure effectiveness and provide targeted product offers to members that give join in the conversations through the comments sections.

"Different generations communicate in different ways," Fastrich noted. "We felt it was very important to not dismiss traditional marketing outlets so we've incorporated outdoor advertising, print ads as well as our e-mail and newsletters to encourage people to share."

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