…But Views Divided On How QuicklyAction Will Occur

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WASHINGTON - (06/28/05) Both CUNA and NAFCU continue to plugaway at garnering support for regulatory relief efforts in generaland the Credit Union Regulatory Improvement Act in particular, butCU lobbyists were split on how quickly credit unions will seeaction on this front. “Now that they have had hearings withregulators and industry in both the House and Senate we can lookfor both chambers of Congress to turn their attention to regulatoryrelief after the July 4 recess,” suggested NAFCU's BradThaler. “On the Senate side, Crapo has requested comment fromthe regulators by July 1st, so hopefully we could move toward amark-up of the bill sometime after the July 4 recess but before theAugust recess.” But CUNA's Gary Kohn wasn't so sanguine.“It's apparent to those who were hopeful of swift action bythe Senate that that is not likely to occur,” he said.“It seems there's still a ways to go on this…We try tointerpret all kinds of things, and who attended is always a clue,and this case, there were not many there. Obviously, they didn'tbelieve this was a pressing issue.”

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