California & Nevada CU Executives Discuss Where California CUs Are Looking To Grow In 2011

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ANAHEIM, Calif.-Credit Union Journal asked attendees of the California and Nevada CU Leagues' Annual Meeting and Convention, "What is your growth focus for 2011?"

Harry Montanez, CEO, Schools FCU, Rancho Dominguez, Calif.
Realistically, our goal is to service our members. We want to have the services they need and give them the best we can in these tough times, not look to growth numbers or deposits. Loans are down each month, mostly from delinquencies in mortgages. We only deal in seconds, and values have gone down, so people don't worry about their seconds.

Teresa Halleck, president and CEO, San Diego County CU, San Diego
Our focus is growing market share and increasing share of wallet from existing members, as well as new members. Of course we are looking at loans. We are continuing our real estate focus, as well as auto loans and Visa.

Donna Bland, president and CEO, The Golden 1 CU, Sacramento, Calif.
Our primary focus will be loans. We also want to improve penetration of all services with members. We need to find a way to attract more people to the credit union. We must make sure consumers know they can belong. Our field of membership includes 34 counties, or the majority of the state north of Tehachapi.

Lynn Athens, president and CEO, Spectrum FCU, San Francisco
Loans! We are looking for some innovative indirect relationships. It is so difficult to compete with 0% financing at car dealers, so we are going to look outside the box for more loan opportunities.

Patsy Van Ouwerkerk, Travis CU, Vacaville, Calif.
Our focus next year will be pretty much what it was in 2010-we will be looking for organic growth and deepening the relationship we have with existing members. We want continued membership growth, but it is cheaper to work with existing members than it is to attract new ones. We are educating the staff on the importance of deepening existing relationships.

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