Call For Entries For Best Practices 2006!

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The Credit Union Journal is announcing its Call for Entries for its Best Practices awards. The Journal published its inaugural Best Practices issue in November 2005, and featured nearly two-dozen peer-leading ideas as selected by the editors. Please note: it's easy to enter a submission! Nominations may be submitted by credit unions on behalf of themselves, a CUSO or even another credit union. For all readers, the Best Practice nominations are a means of recognizing those unsung heroes who have developed an idea and brought it to fruition. Nominations can also be submitted by the numerous suppliers to the credit union community that have clients they believe exemplify the best practice in implementing a particular product or service, whether it be at the retail level or in the backoffice.

The Credit Union Journal is soliciting your Best Practices across all disciplines, as we are seeking that unique idea your CU has put in place. The criteria are as follows: 1) Best practice must have been deployed since May 1, 2005. 2) Credit union (or vendor) selects (or even creates) a category and nominates itself/client CU. 3) The entry should include: 500 words or less on why it believes it has created a best practice within its operation. The nomination essay should include as many tangible measures as practical (including ROI where available) documenting the best practice; the background on environment prior to the implementation of the best practice; and factors driving adoption of the best practice, and any new products/solutions deployed to achieve the best practice. 4) A credit union may enter more than one category. 5) Nominations should be e-mailed to Managing Editor Lisa Freeman at lfreeman

Winners will be profiled in the October 30 issue.

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