Campaign Funding TargetsTexas

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WASHINGTON - (03/21/06) – Contributions by CUNA’spolitical action committee, credit unions’ largest PAC, werelargely geared towards helping the Texas congressional delegation,the target of an ongoing controversy over redistricting. CUNA madecontributions to candidates in 12 of the state’s 32congressional districts, including Joe Barton ($1,000); HenryCuellar ($2,000); Al Green ($2,000); Louie Gohmert ($1,000); EddieJohnson ($1,000); Lamar Smith ($1,500); Ruben Hinojosa ($1,000);Chet Edwards ($1,000); Lloyd Doggett ($1,000); Pete Sessions($1,000); Sam Johnson ($2,000); and John Culberson ($2,000).Several of the seats are expected to be closely contested as thefallout from the controversial 2004 redistricting continues intothe 2006 mid-term elections. CUNA also continued reaching out tocongressional leadership by funding their leadership PACs, withcontributions going to: The Blue Dog PAC ($5,000); The New DemocratCoalition PAC ($5,000); Mill to the Hill PAC ($4,000); and theRepublican Opportunity Network PAC ($5,000).

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