Certificate Rate Is JustMadness

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SYRACUSE, N.Y. - (03/16/06) – Countryside FCU is offeringsuch a high rate on its 12-month CD its management might be accusedof madness. The credit union in this hotbed of college basketballis offering a special promotion called March Madness CertificateSpecial which will reward any member who picks the final four teamsin this month’s college basketball championship an extra 1%bonus on a 12-month certificate. The minimum APY of the CD is 4.90%and the minimum deposit is $2,000. To get the extra 1% you mustsubmit your choice of the final four teams, the final two teams andthe national champion by March 22th. You get a bump of 0.1% foreach correct team in the final four, 0.2% for each correct team inthe final two and 0.2% for the champion.

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