Charlotte Metro CU Scores With Super Bowl Commercial

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Charlotte Metro CU, which built on its local image with a 2009 Super Bowl commercial touting banks’ “Fee Pigs,” scored again with a 30-second spot on Sunday’s local broadcast of the big game.

This year’s commercial featured an alien-like creature flying past local landmarks who walks inside a credit union branch to be told “anyone can be a member,” emphasizing the credit union’s community charter.

The spot was created by local ad shop Charlotte’s Limerick Studios and ran between the first and second quarters of the big game.

A 30-second spot during the FOX national broadcast this year cost about $3 million. However, local-only ads such as Charlotte Metro’s cost considerably less, often less than $100,000. The credit union did not disclose the financial terms of its new ad.

The 2009 Super Bowl commercial, called “Fee Pigs,” featured a pig on the lap of a consumer conducting her online banking and references the ongoing bank mergers.


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