Colorado League Eyes MajorChanges

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WASHINGTON - (02/28/06) -- -The Colorado CU League will beputting before its membership at its upcoming annual meetingproposals to change its name, its logo, and to permitout-of-state-based CUs to join the league. League President JohnDill said he believes the word "league" does not explain what thegroup does to constituencies that aren't going to take time tofigure it out. "It's a lot of work to explain to a legislator whatthe 'league' is," said Dill. "It's a waste of 30 seconds. If yousay the Credit Union Association of Colorado or the Credit UnionAssociation of Wyoming, it's understood what you are." Plans arealso to put before the membership a bylaw change that would allowout-of-state-based credit unions to join the league, with duesprorated according to the number of members the CU has in Coloradoor Wyoming, and the associated voting rights. "We want to give thema way to be a part of the family, so to speak," he said. "We'vevetted the issue with focus groups and gotten a good reaction."Dill spoke with The Credit Union Journal during CUNA'sGAC.

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