Columbia Employees Not Paid For Votes

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I want to express my disappointment in the fact finding and reporting of your staff. I read the article "Employees Rescued Embattled Directors," (, March 30) after Sunday's Special Meeting regarding the recall or retention of the current board of directors of Columbia Credit Union.

As a member and employee, I attended the special meeting in support for the board of directors. My biggest concern with your article is how it makes it appear as if employees were paid for a votes in favor of the board.

This could not be further from the truth. At no time did employees receive any compensation for their efforts to show support for the board. I was just one of many who took time out of my own schedule to help support the retention. At no time did I feel pressured or intimidated to do so. Nor did I feel an obligation to do so. I simply believed in retaining the board.

The statement that "Employees were also enthusiastic about an increase in their annual bonuses from $50 to $300, delivered in the weeks before the special meeting" is completely false. The fact is we did receive a Christmas Bonus just days before Christmas, before we were even aware that we would be having the special meeting. I would suggest in the future you do your due diligence before reporting to the public. Maybe contacting more than one employee would help.

Tammy Gabel

Columbia Credit Union

Vancouver, Wash.

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