Congressional Leaders Get SpecialInterest From CUNA

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WASHINGTON - (06/20/05) -- CUNA continued to target leadinglawmakers for financial contributions last month, with campaigncontributions to six different leadership PACs. Donations went to:House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas, and his ARMPAC ($5,000);the Growth and Prosperity PAC operated by House Financial ServicesFinancial Institutions Subcommittee Chairman Spencer Bachus, R-Ala.($2,000); as well as Heartland Values PAC, run by Sen. John Thune,R-S.D. ($1,000); Our Common Values PAC, run by DemocraticCongressional Campaign Chairman Rahm Emanuel, D-Ill. ($1,000);Committee for the Preservation of Capitalism, for Rep. Jim McCrery,R-La. ($5,000); the New Democrat Coalition PAC ($5,000) and PHILPAC ($2,500). CUNA also gave to: Financial Services ChairmanMichael Oxley, R-Ohio ($5,000); Bachus ($1,000); Ed Royce, theCalifornia Republican sponsoring CURIA, ($5,000); and Jim Gerlach,the Pennsylvania Republican who sponsored the bill to let creditunions serve non-members within their fields of membership($3,100).

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