Cop-Killer CU Robber Headed Back ToPrison

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WAUKESHA, Wis. - (05/18/05) -- Twenty-nine-year-old Ted Oswald isheaded back to jail--perhaps for the rest of his life--after astate jury ruled Tuesday the then-19-year-old was not criminallyinsane when he committed a violent crime spree with his father 11years ago that ended with the murder of a police officer during thefather-and-sons' attempted getaway from a bank robbery. Oswald'sdefense--that he was criminally insane because of delusionalbeliefs passed on to him from his father, James Oswald--wasrejected on all 17 criminal counts that the younger Oswald pleadedno contest to last week. Oswald was convicted in 1995 of a 14-monthrampage that included kidnappings, car theft, armed robberies atMedical Systems CU, in Waukesha, and Landmark CU, in Brookfield, inDecember 1993, and the shooting of Waukesha Police Capt. James Lutzafter a robbery at Bank One, but was ordered retried in 2003because of juror bias in the first trial. He stunned the court whenhe pleaded no contest to the charges at the opening of the retrialand urged the judge to move immediately to the second phase of thetrial, his plea that he was criminally insane while committing thecrimes. Tuesday's verdict means that Oswald will probably bereturned to state prison to serve two mandatory life sentences plusas much as 635 years when he is sentenced later thismonth.

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