Corporates Unveil First BrandingCampaign

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WASHINGTON - (02/27/06) – The Association of Corporate CUis rolling out a new ad campaign and its first branding initiativeto help boost business with natural person credit unions with thedwindling number of corporates. The marketing effort comes as threemore corporate mergers are in the works, reducing the number ofcorporates to 34. The theme, which was unveiled during CUNA’sannual Government Affairs Conference, uses "A Perfect Fit" as itstagline and will be the basis for the advertising.. The brandingidea was initially developed two years ago by the CorporateMarketing Forum and over that time has been working to develop abrand logo that can be integrated into corporate marketing efforts.As part of the effort, the Corporate CU Network logo will beeliminated. "With the new ad campaign, the corporate credit unionnetwork is aiming to underscore two key messages," said ACCUdirector Mike Canning. "We want to communicate that corporates arean important part of the credit union family and we want toemphasis that natural person credit unions can get all theportfolio diversity they need when investing in the corporatecredit union network."

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