Court Rebuffs Congressional CUAlly

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SAN ANTONIO - (05/24/04) -- Rep. Ciro Rodriguez asked a stateappeals court Friday to reverse a lower court's decision dismissinghis claim that vote fraud cost him the Democratic primary.Rodriguez, elected seven years ago with heavy credit union support,appeared to win the March primary but fell behind his challenger,former Texas Secretary of State Henry Cuellar, after a recount. Asecond recount narrowed Cuellar's lead to just 50 votes. Indismissing the challenge, the lower court ruled that Rodriguez, thefour-term incument, did not raise the eligibility of voters in twocounties as a specific issue before the legal deadline. Whoveverwins the Democratic primary is alsmost assured of winning thecongressional seat, which encompasses the San Antonion area, inNovember's general election.

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