Credit Union National Association

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Daniel A. Mica, President

Rich McBride, EVP, Chief of Staff

Bill Hampel, Chief Economist, SVP-Research & Policy

Susan Newton, SVP-League Relations & AACUL Executive Director

John McKechnie, SVP-Governmental Affairs

Eric Richard, SVP-General Counsel

Mark Wolff, SVP-Communications

601 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Suite 600, Washington, DC 20004

Ph: (202) 638-5777 Fax: (202) 638-7734 Web:


John Franklin, EVP-Chief Operating Officer

Pete Crear, EVP-External Operations

Mary Meixelsperger, CAO & CFO

Mark Condon, SVP-Research & Advisory

Mike Miller, SVP-Association Services

Harley Skjervem, SVP-HR & Facilities

5710 Mineral Rd. Madison, WI 53705

Ph: (608) 231-4000 Fax: (608) 231-4874


Executive Committee

Dick Ensweiler, chair; Juri Valdov, vice-chair Donald Larsen, secretary; Allan Kemp McMorris, treasurer; Tom Dorety, at-large member; Daniel A. Mica.

Board of Directors

Joseph G. Bergeron, Patrick G. Calhoun, Laida E. Garcia, Richard l. Ghysels, Tom Griffiths, William A. Herring, Janet S. Honse, Sandy Lingerfelt, Harriet May, Grace Mayo, Kris J. Mecham, Jim Oliva, Paul V. Parish, Gene Poitras, John A. Prumo, Diana L. Roberts, Mary Shipe, Robert S. Walls, Sr., Gary Wolter, Paul Mercer (ex oficio).

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