Cross-Dressing ‘Tootsie Bandit’ Quickly Convicted In $66,000 CU Heist

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SAN DIEGO – A man who donned a scoop-neck blouse, necklace, blond wig, and padded bra to conceal his identity during a $66,000 robbery at Inland FCU last July pleaded guilty yesterday to robbery charges–less than two months after his arrest.

Robert Tyndall, 56, dubbed the Tootsie Bandit for his made-up resemblance to the lead character in the 1982 hit movie starring Dustin Hoffman, also robbed a local bank and tried to rob a third, according to police.

Tyndall was arrested February 3 at his San Diego apartment where police found money from the robberies, and a truck identified by witnesses as the getaway vehicle.

In the credit union holdup, Tyndall assaulted the branch manager as he was opening for business, simulating he had a gun. The manager opened the vault and placed the cash–$66,000--in a bag provided by the suspect.

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