CU*Answers Enhances BASE Member Processing

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CU*Answers has released a number of enhancements to its CU*BASE Member Processing solution. The enhancements include:

* Indirect/Dealer Lending enhancements: an XML lending gateway for clients to electronically receive loan applications from any third party such as new/used auto dealers, hospitals or other retail source, in addition to preconfigured indirect dealer codes and an activity tracking "dashboard."

* Reduced Credit Bureau Pricing that the company says means reduced pricing for credit bureau by as much as 50%.

* Escrow Rewrite, which provides an automated process for opening a member escrow account linked directly to the loan.

* Loan Applications that remove duplicate debt information from a loan application where both the applicant and co-applicant have identical trade-lines on their credit report. It will remove the duplicate debt from the co-borrower without wiping it out from that person's Household record so that the person still may apply for credit alone.

* Member Service Rewrite (Phase 1)-focuses upon procedures used to open memberships and accounts, including new ways for better managing staff job workflow.

* Unlimited Joint Owners-providing for an unlimited numbers of joint owners and beneficiaries of all sub share and certificate accounts.

* Account Nicknames-ability for members to request a filtered nickname for their individual sub share accounts, including allowing members to update their own nicknames via the CU*@HOME PC Banking system. Numerous other enhancements have also been added.

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