CU Executives Bring Out TheirCheckbooks

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WASHINGTON - (11/02/04) -- Credit union executives heeded thecall to get more involved in the political process these elections,with top managers dipping into their personal funds as never beforeto make campaign contributions. Perennial leaders, Rudy Hanley,president of Orange County FCU, and Dave Chatfield, president ofthe California CU League, continued to lead the way, making a totalof $13,450 and $11,374 in contributions, according to reports filedwith the Federal Elections Commission reviewed by The Credit UnionJournal. But other executive answered the call, too, including:Mark Holbrook, Evangelical Christian CU, 10 contributions for$9,500 to Republicans; Jean Goodman, Toyota FCU, who made 15contributions for $8,950 to Democratic candidates and committees;John Bommarito, Western FCU, 10 contributions for $8,750, toRepublicans and non-partisan groups; Bill Cheney, Xerox FCU, 10contributions for $7,725, to Republicans and non-partisancommittees; Larry Sharpe, Arrowhead CU, 10 contributions for $7,100to Republicans; and Gary Base, 12 contributions for $6,000, mostlyto Republicans.

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