CU Robbery Suspect Nabbed In Ga.; Flordia Robbers Get Long Sentences

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A man suspected of robbing First CU, in Gainesville, Ga., two weeks ago with a sawed-off shotgun, was arrested while robbing a bank here. David Schott, 28, of Jacksonville, was identified as the robber in the FCCU heist by fingerprints left behind, police said. Schott made off with about $90,000 from the credit union. Police said Schott, has also confessed to a number of armed robberies.

Meanwhile, in Jacksonville, Fla., two brothers convicted of trying to kill a police officer chasing them after a robbery at Education Community last year were sentenced to long prison sentences . Micah Lamb was sentenced to life in prison and his younger brother Aaron Lamb to 50 years.

A pursuing officer was shot in the leg but recovered from his wounds.

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