CUDL Partnership With AutoNation Adds 43

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Credit Union Direct Lending (CUDL) said it has entered into a marketing partnership with the AutoNation-owned dealerships in California. The 43 Power Automotive Group dealerships within the Southern region and 20 AutoWest and AutoNation dealerships in the North will join more than 1,980 dealerships on the CUDL network and will offer credit union financing for their customers throughout the state. CUDL will assist AutoNation dealerships in building relationships with credit unions currently participating on the program.

The AutoNation dealerships including Power and AutoWest are the world's largest automotive retailer of new and used vehicles, on and off the web, with more than 370 franchises in 17 states.

The Southern California, and many of the Northern California dealerships, recently changed their names to make it easier for customers to recognize the affiliation with AutoNation when shopping and servicing vehicles.

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