CUES Survey Says

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Among other findings in CUES Executive Compensation Survey:

*CEO base salary increased by 7.72% on average, and base salary plus bonus incrased 8.15% on average for a total average CEO compensation increase of 8.06%

* The number of CEOs and other execs reporting they received bonus awards remains stable at about 76%.

* The average bonus reported for CEOs in all asset categories was $24,509, compared to $21,246 in 2004.

The average bonus paid ranges from $3,541 for CUs with $10 million to $19.9 million in assets to $80,037 for CUs with assets greater than $1 billion.

* Analysis indicates that on average CU executive compensation continues to trail branking compensation in all five comparison positions (CEO, COO, CFO, CLO, branch manager).

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