CUJ's First Cover Puts The Sea In CEO

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HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - What was Chuck Bruen, CEO of First Entertainment Credit Union, thinking when he agreed to put on a suit, then roll up his pant legs and wade into the Pacific Ocean holding a laptop computer for a photo that appeared on the cover of the very first issue of The Credit Union Journal?

"Well, we shot it in November and even in California, the water is cold that time of year," Bruen recalled. "But our VP of marketing, Roy MacKinnon, was persuasive and convinced me it would be fun."

The shoot took place at the popular Surfrider Beach in Malibu Point. "Chuck really surprised me," MacKinnon said. "He was all for it and was a good role model."

The photo was to illustrate what was still a novel concept for many CEOs in 1997, "surfing" the web. Even the term itself has become dated in a short 10 years. A decade later, both men said they are still honored to have the $600-million First Entertainment CU highlighted on the cover of The Credit Union Journal's inaugural edition to help illustrate an article about CU's on the cutting edge of technology. First Entertainment was among the first in the nation - sixth, to be exact - to offer website access to members.

"Roy and I like humor," Bruen said, noting that he proved it once again last year when he allowed The Credit Union Journal to capture him blogging in his bathrobe. (c) 2007 The Credit Union Journal and SourceMedia, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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