CUNA Largesse Reaches Congressional Supporters

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CUNA's political action committee, which has been making major inroads on Capitol Hill over the last five years, ascended to the fifth most generous non-partisan PAC last year, according to the Federal Election Commission.

CUNA's PAC, known as CU Legislative Action Council, made almost $1.2 million in campaign contributions in 2005, putting it just behind the National Association of Realtors ($1.5 million), National Beer Wholesalers ($1.4 million), Trial Lawyers Association ($1.2 million) and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers ($1.2 million). That's even though CUNA was only the 38th most successful in raising funds, about $1.8 million. The figures don't include almost $200,000 CUNA contributed to both political parties. The American Bankers Association, which operates the largest bank PAC, came in down the list at $1 million in contributions. CUNA started 2006, the important election year, with $561,000 in cash for contributions.

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