CUNA Mutual Intro's Plan To Give CUs New Direction

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CUNA Mutual Group has introduced its new operations and marketing consulting program. It is being offered through CMG's MEMBERS Marketing Source.

DeLania Truly, senior marketing consultant for CUNA Mutual Group, told The Credit Union Journal the "Compass" program identifies the gaps between where a credit union is and where it wants to be, then helps the CU set a plan of action to attain that goal.

The program includes a one-day, in-person "directional session" with a consultant, preceded by two to three advance phone calls that help both the credit union and the consultant assess needs. During this advance planning period, the consultant reviews the CU's business plan and marketing research.

"Credit unions know they want a new brand strategy or something large like that, but don't know how to get started. They are very hungry for someone to come in and help facilitate the process," Truly said. "We help them move a little more quickly and with a little more focus."

Examples of assistance the consultants give to CUs include advice on how to increase membership, how to improve relations with members and how to thrive in a community environment.

"When a credit union changes from SEG-based membership to a community charter, marketing, development-everything-is different," she said. "You might see a new community credit union that only has one or two branches to cover a wide area-it needs a branding strategy.

Ideally, credit unions want to provide their members with a "Disney" experience, where service is a differentiator, Truly said.

"They know what to do in general-they know they want to increase membership, for example-but they are unsure how. They appreciate information on how other credit unions are doing."

Truly said the Compass program, which costs $1,900, is useful for credit unions of all asset sizes. In addition, MEMBERS Marketing Source also offers five other strategic programs: Strategic Planning, Brand Development Strategy, Strategic Market Development, MarketVISION Staff Performance Program, and Executive Coaching.

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