CUNA Subject Of Phishing Attack

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The latest group to be subjected to an online phishing attack? CUNA. The trade group said it discovered that someone had sent credit union members an e-mail claiming to be from CUNA and seeking member account information and usernames. According to CUNA, the message contained graphics from CUNA's website, including the America's Credit Unions logo and the word "Consumer," and was addressed to credit union members. "Your credit union account may be slightly out of date or incomplete," recipients were told. "This irregularity can and must be fixed through the Credit Union National Association Confirmation process..." It asked for the recipient to log in and confirm identity at a link.

CUNA said that it immediately placed a fraud alert on its website to alert consumers not to click on the phishing site's link.

"CUNA also contacted credit unions whose members we believe had received the e-mails," said CUNA Senior VP-General Counsel Judy Cooper. Each credit union was asked to alert its members.

Cooper said CUNA contacted the FBI and regulators.

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