CUs Make Debut In LIFE Using Cooperative Approach

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The first special credit union edition of LIFE Magazine has hit the newsstands, part of an effort to get credit unions into a major, mainstream magazine-something that has been too costly for credit unions to do until now.

The advertising program, launched by Market and Sales Logic and sponsored nationally by CO-OP Network, gave credit unions the unprecedented opportunity to tell their stories in LIFE Magazine on a regional-and affordable-basis.

MSL has created four different ads that will be placed in LIFE Magazine at strategic times during the year. A portion of the ad can be tailored to tell a specific credit union's story and then is run only in that credit union's region. A credit union in New York, for example, would have its ad show up in New York, but not in Florida, Skudin explained (The Credit Union Journal, April 3).

The first ad was tailored for LIFE's Father's Day edition. Among the individual credit unions participating in the June 16 ad were GTE Credit Union, Clearview Federal Credit Union, and SC State.

With more than 12 million copies of LIFE published every week, a full-page ad costs about $320,000 MSL explained, noting that no credit union by itself could afford that.

But by working cooperatively and making regional buys, credit unions can get into this top-tier advertising market, MSL said, adding that the sponsorship from CO-OP Network helped move the project forward.

"CO-OP Network is thrilled to be able to help credit unions gain access to LIFE," says Samantha Smyth, Vice President Marketing of CO-OP Network.

"We believe the medium is the message," says Kristin Witzenburg, CEO of market and sales Logic. "Throughout all of our programs, we focus on top-tier media opportunities because we know they deliver status and not just sheer demographic numbers. LIFE is a perfect fit."

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