CUs Publish Newsletter For Lawmakers

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Four credit unions have created a quarterly newsletter for state lawmakers designed to highlight how these credit unions contribute to their communities and "the credit union difference."

Anoka County FCU, Anoka Hennepin CU, First Community CU and Minnco CU published the first issue of "Credit Union Focus" and sent it to 75 legislators, specific committee members and the governor.

The publication features an article on each of the participating CUs and tells lawmakers that credit unions are a "financial alternative to big banking" and strive "to make communities we live in a better place."

"It's important for government officials-as well as the general public-to know what credit unions are about and to see some of the good that we do," said Matt Lasiuta, Retail Services Manager at Anoka County FCU. "The newsletter is able to provide that information first-hand. The more information that we can get to our legislators, the better," he added.

The cooperative move comes as Congress has put pressure on NCUA and credit unions to demonstrate how the movement continues to earn its tax-exempt status.

"The stories in this newsletter are the reflections of what our members' values are-what's important to them," said Anoka Hennepin CU VP-Marketing Dan Baker, who said that the newsletter is a direct link between members and government. "It's a chance for us to tell legislators about how we make a difference."

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