D'Amours Successful In Petitioning To Vote In NH

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Former NCUA Chairman Norman E. D'Amours has persuaded local elections officials to allow him to vote in his home state. D'Amours had been kicked off the voters rolls in late 2001 after a Republican Party official complained he was not a resident (D'Amours lives in Virginia) and a postal carrier had said he returned a letter because D'Amours didn't live at the N. Adams St. address that he lists. But D'Amours, a former Democratic congressman from New Hampshire, was added back to city voter rolls after he and his wife, Helen, wrote a two-page letter assuring the board of their "intent to reside and be domiciled in Manchester" and the postal service said the regular postman on the route reported he has delivered mail for D'Amours to the address in question. In his letter to registrars, D'Amours said he and his wife have never voted or participated in social or political activities outside of New Hampshire. He remains a member of the New Hampshire Bar and the state Democratic Party Executive Committee. A local Republican official criticized the decision, saying it opens the door to voter fraud.

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