Danny Glover Has Praise For CDCUs' Work

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Actor Danny Glover addressed the annual meeting of the National Association of Community Development Credit Unions here, speaking on economic justice and the important work of community development credit unions.

Glover is a member of Mission Area Federal Credit Union, a community development credit union in San Francisco.

He praised CDCUs for their work in creating a sense of empowerment and self-determination for low-income people and communities.

During his remarks, Glover also had praise for ongoing efforts to involve young people in the credit union movement because they help support the growth of CDCUs and they learn the importance of saving.

"It's essential that all youth become a meaningful part of the process to avoid being seduced by consumer culture," Glover said. "Consumer goods are nice, but they are an artificial sense of who we are; they don't bring happiness."

Glover further praised CDCUs for serving the underserved, saying, "A single loan has to be much larger than the actual process of making a loan. You all challenge traditional human relationships with capital. Your cause is a righteous cause."

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