Dollar Presides For Last Time

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NCUA Chairman Dennis Dollar brought the gavel down on his final NCUA Board meeting last week, as he prepares to exit the federal credit union regulator later this month.

After praising the NCUA staff and the so-called stakeholders at NCUA-credit union officials and representatives-Dollar said they all shared something critical with him throughout his seven-year tenure: "A common commitment to do what we think is right and what we think is best." "We came here to make a difference and I believe we have," said the outgoing chairman, who has tendered his resignation as of April 29.

Dollar, who has served the last three years as chairman of the three-person NCUA board, was praised by his fellow board members. JoAnn Johnson, the other Republican on the panel and who is expected to accede to the chair, thanked him for the "decorum and respect" he afforded the other board members, as well as agency employees.

Deborah Matz said Dollar's behavior "enabled us to come together and change credit unions for the better."

The meeting was brief, with the only major item a proposal issued for comment that will allow student credit unions to participate in NCUA's Community Development Revolving Loan Program.

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