Don't Forget To Return The GetawayCar

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OMAHA, Neb. - (08/25/04) -- A would-be credit union robbery wasfoiled last week when the not-too-bright thief and his getaway cardriver left behind a rental car receipt telling police where theywould return the car. Police arrested a 26-year-old suspect and hissister at Enterprise Rent-A-Car about an hour after he allegedlyrobbed Telco Triad Community CU when they brought the getaway carback. During the hold-up the thief left behind a slip of paper thatturned out to be a receipt that said the rental car was due back by5:57 pm. The car was rented in the sister's name and she wasdriving. Police staked out the rental shop and arrested the pairwhen they returned the vehicle. A search of the car turned up someof the cash stolen in the robbery and a pellet gun believed usedduring the hold-up.

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