eAppraiseIT Releases New Version of EagleCert

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eAppraiseIT, LLC, a provider of of real estate valuation services, has released the third generation of its insured, progressive-collateral valuation program, EagleCert. Now applicable to a broader range of loans and offering unprecedented insurance coverage, the new EagleCert gives lenders increased opportunity to acquire fast, accurate and completely insured valuation results, the company said. "After three years of obtaining client feedback and gaining more experience in the insured valuation process, eAppraiseIT is now offering "soft loss coverage," which protects the lender if a loan is rejected for purchase due to a valuation issue. This is a significant change in lender protection in the mortgage industry." The new EagleCert covers all second liens for a combined loan-to-value (CLTV) up to 100%. The LTV coverage on the first mortgage has been increased from 90% to 95%, and EagleCert now offers coverage for loan amounts up to $750,000 in all states.

For info: www.eappraiseit.com.

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