Elder Abuse Charged In CU Scheme

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FLINT, Mich. – A 29-year-old Flint man was accused of trying to embezzle more than $100,000 from an 83-year-old member of Security FCU with dementia by tapping into his credit union account.

Authorities said Mijias Owens convinced the elderly man that he was his grandson and the man had won the lottery, neither of which were true.

Owens took the man to the credit union on May 18 and had the member tell the teller that he had won the lottery and needed to withdraw $36,000 to pay the taxes on it, authorities said.

A suspicious manager called the elder abuse hotline and a detective opened an investigation. Authorities later learned that Owens had taken the man to another Security FCU branch and tried to withdraw $73,000 using the same scam. he tellers did not grant the request there either.

Owens was charged with attempted embezzlement from a vulnerable adult and attempted false pretenses.


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