Elderly Suspect Held In CU HeistInvolving Bombs

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - (10/10/05) -- A 64-year-old man was charged lastweek with using bomb threats to steal almost $50,000 during tworecent credit union robberies. A former roommate and two used carsalesmen were credited with helping nab Leonard McGraw, whoallegedly threatened to use bombs to rob Fitters Local 58 FCU ofmore than $47,000 on July 22, then to steal more than $2,000 fromthe Pentagon FCU branch on Sept. 29. Two salesmen at Perkins Dodgecalled police last week after they recognized the suspect insurveillance photos as the man who tried to trade-in his Dodgepickup, believed used as the getaway car. The suspect told thesalesmen his credit was poor so he was going to pay cash for twonew vehicles. McGraw's former roommate later told the FBI he wassure McGraw was the robber. The devices the suspect left behind atthe two credit unions are being tested to see whether they couldhave exploded.

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