Facial Scar Leads To Acquittal In Three Shared Branch Robberies

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – A suspect was acquitted of charges he robbed a CU Service Center facility three times between December 2008 and February 2009 when defense attorneys showed the scarred defendant could not have been the man appearing in the shared branches’ surveillance videos of the heists.

Samuel Johnson, a regular user of the shared branch, was arrested two years ago after four tellers identified Johnson as the suspect. After spending a year in jail, the case finally went to trial last week and centered on surveillance videotape from inside the branch.

The gunman concealed most of his face with a bandana, but he left his eyebrows exposed giving Johnson a critical break. Johnson's right eyebrow has a unique signature – a scar from a Doberman Pinscher scratching him when he was 12.

The gunman appeared not to have a scar.

After four hours the jury returned a verdict of not guilty on all counts.


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