Fair Isaac Hopes To Click With OnlineBehavior Study

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MINNEAPOLIS - (07/24/06)–Fair Isaac Corp., maker of theubiquitous Falcon anti-fraud payment system, said it has agreed toundertake a study on click fraud and click quality in pay-per-clickadvertising. The study, conducted with the Search Engine MarketingProfessional Organization, will be used to help online businessesto differentiate between Internet advertising “clicks”that are genuine expressions of human interest and those that arenot. Fair Isaac scientists believe the neural networks they use todetect fraud for 450 million active payment cards worldwide can beused to differentiate between real and fake “clicks.”SEMPO members and non-member advertisers will have an opportunityto contribute anonymous click stream data to the study. Inexchange, they will receive meaningful analysis of their searchengine advertising and potential click fraud.

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