Florida CU Starts School Drug TestingClub

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LAKELAND, Fla. - (10/13/05) -- Community First CU said it isfunding a club in the local high school that has one mainmembership requirement: to submit to random drug testing. Thecredit union said it donated $12,000 to the Polk County SchoolDistrict to be sued to start the Voluntary Student Drug Testingprogram, similar to clubs in schools in Wisconsin and Louisiana.Club members would be tested by a nurse on a biweekly basis forrecreational drug use, and would be eligible for prizes like giftcertificates. Student athletes in the district already are testedfor drugs, but some parents and teachers in the district wanted thetesting program to be broader. Students who test positive would besuspended from the club and receive counseling, and their parentswill be informed of the test results.

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