Focus Groups Helping Refine Cal./Nev. Campaign; Ads To Debut Mid-January

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The California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues are tentatively targeting Jan. 17, 2005, as the initial air date for their $6 million public advocacy campaign, a spokesman for the California league told The Credit Union Journal.

Funding for the campaign was approved Nov. 17 by members of both state leagues at the recent annual convention in Las Vegas.

Henry Kertman, director of public relations for the California CU League, said the radio spots still are in the developmental stage. He said a small team, which includes two credit union CEOs-one from northern California, one from the southern part of the state-two marketing staff members from CUs, league staff members, plus advisors from a research firm, is working to get things ready for next month's planned release.

"We are looking at concepts for the ads and conducting focus groups. We are looking to get expertise on the ads and test them with consumers before the launch," Kertman said. "We are targeting the third week of January, but we won't know for certain until we make the ad buy early next year."

Many of the details are undecided, he continued. For example, the spokesperson will not be booked until the end of December or early January.

Asked what message the ads will express, Kertman said: "We are dealing with concepts, but we don't want to share because everything might change between now and the air date. We will be happy to share the nature of the ads when they are finalized, but we are not there yet."

"We will give credit unions as much information as we can before the ads run," he added. "Our intention is to share the nature of the ads, the schedule, and which radio stations will carry them. But, if we still are changing things right up until the last minute, that won't be possible. If we don't get the information out before the initial air date, we will do so shortly after."

The public advocacy campaign will include a radio campaign in both California and Nevada, and print advertisements in some cities.

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