Franklin Leaves S. Carolina League

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John R. Franklin has resigned as president of the South Carolina CU League, having held the position for the past nine years. The SCCUL has named former league CEO Tommy Delk as interim president.

Delk, who had been in semi-retirement while also working on special projects for the league, told The Credit Union Journal he was "just about out the back door" when Franklin announced he was leaving in early November. Delk served as president of the league from 1974-1995. Franklin has been with the SCCUL for 30 years, beginning as an auditor. Delk said a search committee is being formed and that he is not a candidate for the job. "I'm ready to make a full-time commitment to retirement," he said. Delk has agreed to be interim CEO for the three to six months the search is expected to take.

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