(Frozen) Water & Power CU Has Cool Idea To Push Loans

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Water and Power Community CU recently offered members cold, hard cash-literally.

The credit union randomly selected 10 area residents to "put their financial woes on ice" as they competed in WPCCU's "Pretty Cool Stuff" contest in which participants tried to melt through ice sculptures as fast as they could in order to reach thousands of dollars in cash and prizes, ranging from $200 to $2,000, frozen inside the ice.

The 10 20" x 30" sculptures were shaped to represent the most popular items people borrow money for, such as tools (representing home improvement loans).

"What better way to express our appreciation to the hard-working individuals in our community, who strive day in and day out to achieve the American Dream, than to give them some extra cash in time for Labor Day," said Ron Stratman, Director of Marketing and Business Development. "'Pretty Cool Stuff' is a pretty cool way to jump start the annual weekend's reprieve from work."

WPPCU partnered with Enterprise Car Sales to put on the event. CU members and non-members alike were invited to put their name in for the event and 10 participants were drawn at random. The contestants were only allowed to use their hands, head, chest or face to melt the ice, so there were no tools allowed.

The first contestant to melt his ice sculpture received the grand prize-a choice of a sporty car for a month or a $1,000 gas card-in addition the cash prize frozen inside the sculpture. It took Robert Boulware about 25 minutes to melt his sculpture and take the grand prize. The final contestant's sculpture didn't fully melt down until about three hours later.

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