Grandma Nabs Runaway Suspect

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LYNNWOOD, Wash. - (11/22/04) -- A 60-year-old grandmother of 10helped capture a suspected identity thief last week when she heldthe man long enough for police to catch up to him. Janice Lewis wasentering a local department store when she saw the suspect,handcuffed and in his underwear, running towards her, so shegrabbed the man's jacket and held on till he was tackled by apolice officer. The suspect had been collared in Verity CU tryingto use a member's account that wasn't his, but he ran off after hewas handcuffed, leaving is baggy pants behind as they slid down hisankles. He flipped off his shoes and wriggled out of his pants,then ran off. as he ran towards Lewis, she grabbed him and held onuntil police were able to catch up.

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