Grandmother Helps Nab Scammer Fleeing CU

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Janice Lewis, a 60-year-old grandmother, helped nab a scammer fleeing from Verity Credit Union. Lewis was entering a JCPenney department store to do some Christmas shopping when she saw a handcuffed man in his underwear was running in her direction.

Lewis grabbed the jacket of a man she had seen fleeing Verity Credit Union earlier in the day, and held him until he was tackled by police. Earlier, the man had tried to use an account that wasn't his and VCU execs called police, who had cuffed him and were leading him outside when he escaped.

"Your grandchildren are quite fortunate to have such a heroic role model," said John Annaloro, president and CEO of the Washington Credit Union League in a letter to thank Lewis.

Lewis didn't make it into JCPenny that day. Bill Hayes the CEO of Verity Credit Union, thanked the heroic grandma with a $100 gift certificate to the department store.

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