Gunman Grabs $130,000 From PatelcoCU

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OAKLAND, Calif. - (06/02/06) – A masked gunman dashed into thePatelco CU branch here just before closing Tuesday and made offwith $130,000, the third time an East Bay branch of the creditunion has been robbed this month. The robbery happened just afterthe 5 pm closing when the suspect waited for a member to leave,then ran inside when the locked door was opened. The gunman pointeda pistol at the five employees and two members inside and toldeveryone to get on the floor or they would be killed. The assailantthen identified the supervisor and made her get money from thesafe, then escaped on foot. Earlier this month, a Patelco branchwas robbed in San Ramon under identical circumstances, and the nextday a Hayward branch was hit.

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