Health Savings Accounts, HR Policies Explored

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Two new white papers from CUNA's Human Resources, Training and Development Council explore the burgeoning health savings account program and developing policies for the next generation of workers.

While 57% of employers are considering offering health savings accounts (HSAs) to control costs, only 3% actually did so in 2005, according to a recent survey by Hewitt Associates, and one of the reasons for that is a lack of understanding about how the program works. "Health Savings Accounts: An Overview of the Requirements, Pros/Cons and Current Market Trends," alleviates some of the confusion of these accounts and provides a general overview on them and also delves into both the benefits and disadvantages of offering HSAs.

The second white paper, "Developing Policies and Cultures Attuned to 21st Century Needs," outlines a number of current and emerging workforce trends and how HR professionals can best develop policies to address the changing needs of a diverse staff.

The policy development section includes a number of suggested subjects from HR professionals and sample policy manuals that address said subjects, including: domestic partners, paid time off, English language, cellular phone and e-mail use, Internet access, whistleblower protection, telecommuting, personal appearance, conflict of interest, smoking, vulnerability management, payday lending, and weapons in the workplace.

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