Holiday Cards Tailored Specifically ForCredit Unions

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FAIRFAX, Va. - (11/10/04) With the holiday season approaching,credit unions are being offered a new way to break through all thecard clutter. While many credit unions invest in cards and sendgreetings to SEG contacts, community leaders, members and others,those cards are often lost in the multitude of cards sent duringthe holidays, notes the company offering the fresh option.“No more will you have to order generic holiday cards thatsimply water down your brand,” said Paul Lucas, a formercredit union marketer and well-known marketing and brandingconsultant who works with credit unions. “The fact isconsumer brand awareness is at its highest during the holidays andbuilding your brand awareness during this time is a very smartmarketing and communications choice.” Lucas is partnering inthe effort at with David Ostroff, a graphicdesigner who works with numerous credit unions. The company said itis offering an option to not be billed for the cards until2005.

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