How One CU Is Selling 'Too Good To Be True' Card

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MECHANICSBURG, Penn.-To help members battle high healthcare costs, AmeriChoice FCU is handing out the RxCut Plus Card, which reduces prices for prescriptions, laboratory tests, and diagnostic medical imaging.

Best of all, the card is free for members and the credit union.

The $167-million credit union is offering the card through Free For All, a company based in Marlton, N.J. AmeriChoice contacted Free For All and secured a group number for the credit union, which appears on the RxCut Plus Card along with the credit union's name. Members can pick up a laminated card in branches, or visit the CU's website and print one.

"RxCut provides discounts of up to 75% off medications or 50% off the cost of lab tests and diagnostic imaging," explained AmeriChoice Marketing VP Carol Fastrich. "You can take the card to a participating pharmacy, of which there are many, present your current medical card and RxCut, and then determine which gives you the greater savings."

Fastrich said if members have good health insurance, they will likely use their existing prescription drug coverage. "But the card is really a benefit to those who have a large co-pay, poor insurance, no insurance at all, or Medicare and Medicaid," offered Fastrich.

The card's website,, allows cardholders to plug in their zip code and determine the price they will pay for a prescription with RxCut. It also has an 800 number to assist cardholders with determining discounts for lab tests and diagnostic services.

Fastrich said RxCut was introduced in the credit union's fall newsletter, and over 30 members accepted the card within the first few weeks. But even though the discount program is free, some members are hesitating to take it, explained Fastrich. "We are getting a lot of calls, but some look at the card as too good to be true. There is some skepticism. We direct those people to our website, where we have more information, and to the RxCut site. Once they take time to understand it, it makes more sense. But this will take some member education."

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