How To Decorate, And Other Tips

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Credit Union: Metro Employees Credit Union, Lexington, Ky., $9 Million In Assets

Scenario: Credit Union Is Moving Into New Space

Recommendations: Tackle The Clutter Problem In Advance Of Move

Jim Caliendo, PWCampbell

Replace the awning in the front of your building and remove the curb obstruction-it is too close to the front door. Weed the entrance area and consider potted greenery or flowers on each side of the front door.

Inside your facility, consider hanging shelves with doors for storage in your work area. Look into a merchandising sign behind the teller line that can be changed every quarter. The one you have is hard to read and looks "home made." Consider new flooring in your lobby area.

In the new facility, give careful consideration to traffic flow, member privacy and convenience. Remember to coordinate your colors, using fabric and borders. Plan for adequate workspace for your employees. Consider electrical needs and lighting up front. Integrate retail merchandising and look into installing a Member coffee bar.

Ralph LaMacchia, LaMacchia Group

If there is an outside entrance directly into the new space, you can use illuminated signage that can be seen from a distance, or better the street, to let people know you are there. With $9-million in assets, you should have specific line items and budgets for each of these items, including exterior treatments so you know where your money is going. If you are under a lease, you should review your tenant allowance and what else you can or can't do to the building and space.

An HVAC system and its distribution are key to employee and member comfort. Electrical, data, and telephone distribution are also important and should be planned early in the process. The demolition must be done first. At that point, you would have knowledge of any hidden conditions that would need to be dealt with or build a contingency into your budget. We never totally know what is behind the walls. Are we keeping the interior walls, and the hollow metal frames and doors? The ceiling and grid must be replaced! Built-in (millwork) furniture is the least expensive and it occupies less space than conventional furniture. However, you can't easily move it. A floor plan would be of tremendous help. We could program the space and assess space utilization at that time.

The DEI Design Team

Add new carpet and tile. Paint all the doors and trim a lighter color. Paint the walls a warm color and use an accent color behind the teller area while incorporating the logo. Buy new desks that have a wood look and utilize overhead storage to reduce the clutter. Use frames to display promotional posters.

Remove all of the clutter on the walls. Purchase storage with doors. A clutter-free environment conveys organization and security for members, trusting that your company is professional and secure.

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