Hurricane Damage Won't Cover For CUSlaying

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ORLANDO, Fla. - (12/07/04) -- A would-be robber who shot aFairwinds CU teller to death Sept. 11 was apparently hoping damagefrom Hurricane Frances the day before would divert police fromcovering the credit union. But the ploy backfired on 20-year-oldLuc Termitus, as police patrolling the neighborhood to review stormdamage responded immediately to the shooting and arrested theassailant in less than a minute. Termitus was scheduled to go ontrial Monday for the incident, in which 55-year-old Ellen Gelsingerwas shot dead just weeks after she was hired by the credit union.Termitus told police the shooting was accidental and the gun wentoff when he hit Gelsinger in the head after she told him shecouldn't open the vault.

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