i3 Ensures Dust Doesn't Gather On These Ideas, Research

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Research often is published, and then collects dust.

The goal of one Filene Research Institute effort is to never stop long enough to allow the dust to gather. "One thing we have learned is we can't just take good ideas and give people a report. We have to take ideas and test them," said Bob Hoel, executive director of the Institute.

For that reason, the Filene Institute has created the i3 (for ideas, innovation, implementation) in which 26 up-and-coming CU executives have been brought together to pioneer innovations in the field. i3 was made possible by grants from U.S. Central and the Corporate network. "We are testing ideas out of the Filene Research with i3," said Hoel.

Among the ideas being driven around the test track is a test of predictive modeling on staff and potential staff turnover, and a program to reach members at important junctures in their lives, such as the MatriMoney program (see story, left).

Members of i3 were chosen because they had demonstrated the ability to be innovative. Not wanting to bias the selection, Filene turned to a University of Iowa professor to handle the selection. "(This professor) knows more about testing and screening than anyone and he chooses," Hoel said. "I was skeptical, but this is the darndest group of sharp people from all areas of credit unions."

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